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High Strength 6000 Series Aluminum Sheet for Aircraft Parts

6000 Series Aluminum -

2A11 Aircraft aerospace aluminum plate sheet profile forgings; 6000 series aluminum. , 6262, 6060, 6005, 6463. The strength of 6063, 6060, 6463 is relatively low in 6 series. 6262, 6005, 6082 and 6061 have high strength in 6 series. Features of 6 series aluminum: medium strength,

6000 Series Aluminum Sheet Alloy:6061/6063/6262/6101

1.6000 aluminum sheet can be used in processing airplane parts, camera parts, couplers, ship parts, ship board, hardware,electronic accessories and joints, valves and valve parts, etc. It can also be used in low tension weapons and connectors in airplane. 2.6000 aluminum sheet is to make machine part,precision machining,aircraft parts,camera

Aluminum Bar Stock - 6000 Series Aluminum | Crystal

The aluminum bar stock material again is all 6000 series aluminum, essentially 6061 base materials, so extremely high strength, aircraft grade, strain hardened, structural aluminum. Lots and lots of bar stock here, and essentially we make whatever it is that we need based on what the size and shape

The 6000 Series Aluminum Plates -

The 6000 series aluminum plates Mainly containing magnesium and silicon, 6061 is a cold-treated aluminium forging product with the advantages of 4000 series and 5000 series. It is suitable for applications requiring high corrosion resistance and oxidation

6000 Series Chemical Properties - Mingtai

Oct 30, 2021  6000 series aluminum refers to the division of Al-Mg-Si alloy. It mainly contains magnesium and silicon elements to form a strengthening phase Mg2Si. Its solubility is chemically reacted with other added elements at different solution temperature, so add The type and content of the elements affect the 6000 series aluminum

Tensile Strength 6082 Aluminum Sheet - Aluminum Sheet

Oct 07, 2021  Tensile strength 6082 aluminum sheet 6000 series. 6082 aluminum alloy is another typical alloy of 6000 series aluminum, the common product are 6082 aluminum sheet and 6082 aluminum bar. Today we are going to talk about the first model 6082 aluminum sheet. As we have in mind, 6000 series aluminum have mg and si as the main alloy besides al, and 6000 series aluminum alloy

Aluminum Matrerial Properties | RapidDirect

Aluminum 7075 is a high strength aluminum alloy that was originally created for the aerospace industry, specifically, for aircraft parts. Today, Aluminum 7075 is used to produce a range of high-stress components, such as keys, gears, rock climbing and bicycle parts.The aluminum alloy is commonly used instead of Aluminum 2024 as it has similar

Where To Get Aluminum Sheets - Aluminum Sheet

3XXX series-AL x Mn aluminum sheets series. 1. The strength of 3003 aluminum sheets is about 10% higher than that of 1100, and its formability, weldability and corrosion resistance are all good. General utensils, heat sinks, makeup boards, photocopier cylinders, and ship materials. 2. 3004 aluminum sheets has higher strength than 3003, superior

Aluminum Alloys - Mandel Metals, Inc. Aluminum Alloys

6000 Series 7000 Series With aluminum of 99 percent or higher purity, these compositions are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low mechanical properties and excellent workability. This material is non-heat

Forged Aluminum Alloys | Anchor

(Aluminum 6061-T6; 6061-T651) The 6000 series alloys combine aluminum, magnesium, and silicon to provide relatively high strength while maintaining a substantial degree of workability with excellent joining characteristics and an exceptional acceptance of applied

Zinc Aluminium Coil 6063 - Shuanglin Jiate Metal

Quick Details Application: The aerospace industry High strength accessories, Aircraft, Marine, and Commercial grade parts Thickness: 0.01-10mm Width: 20-2000mm Alloy Or No Is Alloy Grade: 6000 Series, 6063 Surface Treatmen Coated Temper: O - H112, H32,H112,H111,H24,O Type: Coil/Roll Tensile Strength: (MPa) ≥270 offset yield strength: (MPa)≥120 Hardness: HB45-75

Types And Applications Of Aluminum Alloys For Vehicles

6000 series aluminum alloy sheet for body panels 5000 series aluminum alloy sheet for body panels High Strength Aluminum Alloy Sheets for Structures ALNOVI, the superplastic aluminum alloy sheet KO treatment highly adhesive aluminum sheet Pre-coated aluminum alloy sheet Lithium-ion battery materials Aluminum alloys for busbars Aluminum design

7022 Aluminium Plate Aerospace Grade 7022 Aluminum

7022 Aluminium Plate Aerospace Grade 7022 Aluminum Sheet. 7022 Aluminum is a knid of high strength material. Mainly used in the manufacture of aviation equipment, daily necessities, construction doors and

Typical Use Of 3000 Series Sheet - Mingtai

Overview of 3000 Series Aluminum Sheet. 3000 series aluminum sheeRepresentative alloy including 3003 aluminum sheet, 3004 aluminum sheet, 3A21 aluminum sheet, composed of manganese as the main component, whose content between 1.0-1.5%, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate, conventionally used in air conditioners or in a humid environment such as a refrigerator or a car, the

High Quality 2024 Aircraft Aluminum Sheet

High Quality 2024 Aircraft Aluminum Sheet with High-Quality Wholesale, Leading High Quality 2024 Aircraft Aluminum Sheet Manufacturers Suppliers, find High Quality 2024 Aircraft Aluminum Sheet FactoryExporters, High Quality 2024 Aircraft Aluminum Sheet for

Aluminum Grades Available For CNC Machining - Parts

6000 Series- Alloyed primarily with a combination of Magnesium and Silicon and can be one of the most versatile of the Aluminum Alloys. It is considered an all-purpose aluminum due to its high mability and strength. 6061 alloy is the most common of all Aluminum alloys and is used in many

HS6X (High-strength 6000 Series

HS6X (High-strength 6000 Series Alloy)* Extrusion North America developed the HS6X alloy for applications where the cost of high strength alloys such as 7003 and 7005 would be cost prohibitive. HS6X offers a higher strength than other 6XXX series alloys, such as 6082, but at lower cost and higher productivity than the 7XXX series

Wholesales Guarantee 6000 Series Marine Aluminum Alloy

6061 aluminum alloy, with silicon and magnesium as major alloyelements, belongs to non-heat-treatable alloy, has moderate strength and better weldability, also has high corrosion resistance to stress corrosion, chemical corrosion and seawater corrosion even in the weld zone, aluminum diamond plate has excellent anti-slip function with bright finish surface. 1-bar and 5-bar tread plate are two

6082 Aluminium Sheet - Wholesale From Bozhong Metal

4. aluminium plate application. Uses: Aircraft fittings, camera lens mounts, couplings, marines fittings and hardware, electrical fittings and connectors, decorative or misc. hardware, hinge pins, magneto parts, brake pistons, hydraulic pistons, appliance fittings, valves and valve

Mingtai Aluminum5000 Series, 6000 Series Shipbuilding

At present, the aluminum alloy used in the ship shell structure is mainly 5083,50 and 5456 these three alloys, their mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and welding performance are relatively superior, mainly for the hull structure of the keel wing, bending the outer plate and the outer side of the board three parts. 6000 series alloy

High Anti-Corrosion Aluminum 6061 T4 For Aircraft And

High Anti-Corrosion Aluminum 6061 t4 for Aircraft and Yacht Construction Overview Grade: 6000 Series Temper: T3-T8 Type: Plate Application: construction, decoration, automobile, electronic, machinery, boat,etc Thickness: 0.2500mm Width: mm Surface Treatmen mill finished, mill finish, anodising,coating or other treatment Alloy Or No Is Alloy Place of Origin: , Brand Name

6061 Aluminum Plate For Aircraft -

Main Features 1.5083 aluminum plate in the non-heat treatment alloy with the highest strength, corrosion resistance, good weldability. The main feature is that 7075 is high hardness, high strength aluminum alloy, commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft structure and

6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet For Modular Workstation

6A02 aluminum alloy is used for making aircraft engine parts, complex shaped forging parts, die forging parts, etc. 6082 Aluminum Alloy Plate: 6082 aluminum alloy is used for making high strength and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy products with weldability, such as aviation fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, ships,

IRC Aluminum Plate Products - IRC Aluminum

6061 wrought tooling plate is an extremely versatile 6000 series aluminum alloy. It is also one of the most common aluminum alloys used in machining and fabrication. High weldability (Tig Mig). 6061 is one of the best aluminum alloys for anodizing and coatings. Decent formability, medium strength alloy. 6061 is also