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ZrY Alloy Target,Scandium Aluminum Alloy

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Huizhou Boguan Vacuum Applied Materials Company Limited, Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Zr-Y Alloy Target, Scandium Aluminum Alloy and 118 more Products. A

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Scandium Nitrate, Sc(NO3)3.5H2O, 1 Iron Carbide (Fe3C) Sputtering Targets 250mL Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Grinding/Mill Jar with Lid,

Aluminum Scandium (Al-Sc) Alloy Sputtering Targets - ALB

Aluminum Scandium (Al-Sc) Alloy Sputtering Targets, Al-Sc Alloy Sputtering Target, Al-Sc Alloy Sputter Target, Al-Sc Alloy Target, Aluminum Scandium Alloy Sputtering Target, Aluminum Scandium Alloy Sputter Target, Aluminum Scandium Alloy Target COA: MSDS: Related: Aluminum,Scandium

Are Aluminium-Scandium Alloys The

Jul 28, 2021  Aluminium –scandium alloys (Al-Sc alloys) were discovered and patented in 1971 in USA and have been used in recent years in sports equipment (such as baseball bats, tennis rackets), bicycle frames, tent poles etc. American firearms company Smith Wesson manufacture revolvers with the bulk made using Al-Sc


1. A method of manufacturing a sputtering target, comprising: forming a scandium-aluminum alloy comprising 3-10 at % scandium and 90-97 at % aluminum; and preparing the scandium-aluminum alloy for use as a sputtering target in plasma deposition equipment.

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It can be said that the aluminum scandium alloy is an upgraded version of the aluminum alloy. Aluminum Scandium Sputtering Target Application. Aluminum scandium alloys are much stronger than other high-strength alloys, exhibiting significant grain refinement, strengthening welds, and eliminating hot cracks in

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American Elements specializes in producing high purity Scandium Zirconium Sputtering Targets with the highest possible density and smallest possible average grain sizes for use in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) display and optical applications. Our standard Sputtering Targets for thin film are available monoblock or bonded with planar target

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See more Scandium products. Scandium (atomic symbol: Sc, atomic number: 21) is a Block D, Group 3, Period 4 element with an atomic weight of 44.. The number of electrons in each of Scandium\'s shells is [2, 8, 9, 2] and its electron configuration is [Ar] 3d 1 4s

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High Purity Alloy Target Materials for Sputtering or Laser Ablation MSE Supplies can customize high purity alloy sputtering targets with specific purity level and geometric sizes. Custom alloy targets include iron (Fe) based alloy targets, copper (Cu) based alloy targets, cobalt (Co) based alloy

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May 27, 2021  Aluminum Scandium Alloy Alsc2 Master Alloy Sc: 2% Metal Sputtering Target, Alloy Sputtering Target, Ceramic Sputtering Target, Evaporation Materials, Metal Products, Alloy Products, Ceramic Products, Coating Accessories. City/Province. Changsha, , . Apatite/Yttrium/Olivine Magnetic

An Overview Of Aluminium-Scandium

Feb 10, 2021  Aluminium scandium containing alloys combine high strength, ductility, weld-ability, improved corrosion resistance and a lower density (as a result of the magnesium in the alloy). The combination of all these properties makes aluminium-scandium containing alloys extremely suitable for aerospace

Developing Affordable Creep-resistant Aluminum Alloys For

Aluminum-scandium based alloys are good candidates to replace cast-iron as they are creep- and coarsening-resistant to 570-750 F (300-400 C). Scandium, however, is very rare and expensive, prohibiting its usage for large-scale, cost-sensitive automotive applications. NanoAl LLC, a high-technology start-up company with leading expertise in

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Scandium Metal - Sc. Aluminium Scanidum Alloy - Sc . Zirconium Yttrium Alloy Target - ZrY. Erbium Oxide Target - Er2O3. Zirconium Oxide + Yttrium Oxide Target - ZrO2+Y2O3. Cerium Fluoride Table - CeF3. Praseodymium Fluoride Granule - PrF3. Gadolinium Fluoride Table -

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Scandium metal is light, but the melting point is much higher than Aluminum. It could replace Aluminum to make various aircraft. It is a raw material for high-melting alloy, for example, Al-Sc alloy. Mg-Sc alloy, Sc-Ti alloy. It can apply to a space shuttle, rocket, and other high-end

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A method for assembling a structure using a filler alloy which includes aluminum and The method generally includes selecting parts for the structure which are formed from aluminum and/or an aluminum alloy and welding the same together with the aluminum-scandium filler alloy. Similar to the filler alloy, the parts may also include

ADVANCED MATERIALS Aluminum Scandium Sputter

metallic alloy targets. However, a lack of high-quality aluminum scandium sputter targets has hindered the development and fabrication of next generation pMEMS. The Solution Materion has developed a melt-based process for producing aluminum scandium sputter targets with high chemical uniformity, low oxygen contents, and 3N

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Zr-Y Alloy Target,Scandium Aluminum Alloy,Rare Earth Targets,High Purity Rare Earth Metals,Metals And Alloys Evaporation Tablets. Total Revenue: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million. Top 3 Markets: Southeast Asia 10%, Africa 10%, Northern Europe 10%.

Effect Of Scandium On Structure And Hardening Of Al–Ca

Oct 15, 2021  1. Introduction. Scandium is one of the most efficient hardening additives in aluminium alloys , , due to the formation of coherent Al 3 Sc (L1 2) phase precipitates with the size less than 10 nm , , .These nanoparticles form in the process of annealing from supersaturated aluminium solid solution (hereinafter referred to as

Precipitation Behavior Of Al 3 (Sc,Zr) Particles In High

Precipitation behavior of Al3(Sc,Zr) particles in a new high-alloyed Al–Zn–Mg–Cu–Zr–Sc aluminum alloy during homogenization was investigated by use of three-dimensional atom probe, transition electron microscope and high-resolution transition electron microscope. The results indicate that Al3Sc was the precursor of Al3(Sc,Zr)

High Purity Alloy Sputtering Targets– Tagged \"Zirconium

High Purity Alloy Target Materials for Sputtering or Laser Ablation MSE Supplies can customize high purity alloy sputtering targets with specific purity level and geometric sizes. Custom alloy targets include iron (Fe) based alloy targets, copper (Cu) based alloy targets, cobalt (Co) based alloy

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both ingot-cast and shape-cast aluminum alloys that contain scandium at concentrations of 0.01% to 1% or higher are ongoing. In the early 1960s1 the international metallurgical community recognized the potential of scandium in controlling microstructure of aluminum alloys. It is known that the decomposition of supersaturated Al-Sc solid

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Research Of Mechanical And Electrical Properties Of Cu–Sc

Feb 27, 2021  Based on the phase diagram, three intermetallic compounds were found in Cu–Sc alloy, i.e., Cu 4 Sc, Cu 2 Sc and CuSc with the scandium content of 15, 25 and 42 wt%, respectively. Maximum solubility of scandium in copper was determined to be about 0.5 wt% at the temperature of 1130 K (Fig. 3).As shown in the literature, in the case of alloys with scandium amount under 0.5 wt% in copper

Aluminum Scandium Sputtering Target | Al-Sc Sputter Target

Aluminum Scandium Sputtering. Aluminum Scandium Sputtering Purity: 99.9%; Circular: Diameter <= 14 inch, Thickness >= 1mm; Block: Length <= 32 inch, Width <= 12 inch, Thickness >= 1mm. More Information on Aluminum Scandium Sputtering


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