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Aluminum ZA NADCA Design

Alloys - NADCA

Ultimate tensile strengths range from 31 ksi (210 MPa) for magnesium alloy AS41A to 60 ksi (414 MPa) for ZA-27, a ratio of approximay two to Modulus of elasticity varies from 6,500 psi (45 GPa) for magnesium alloys to 11,800 psi (81.3 GPa) for aluminum alloy 390, a ratio of almost two to

Design And Develoopment Sourcebook: Product Design For

In addition to this book the North American Die Casting Association also provides die casting product design assistance through its NADCA Design program which consists of the following resources: and ZA (zinc-aluminum). Copper, tin and lead are being die cast for certain


3 is equivalent to aluminum at low loads; and ZA-8 is 20% higher.. Several dimensions require tolerances that somewhat exceed NADCA Precision specifications, and may need to be nego-tiated with the die caster. Zinc 3, ZA-8 and magnesium AZ91D may allow dimen-sions to be as-cast which would require machining in 380

Aluminum (Al) - NADCA

The element aluminum (Al) has a specific gravity of 2.7, placing it among the light-weight structural metals. It is used as a base for die casting alloys with three primary constituents: silicon, copper and magnesium. Eight available aluminum die casting alloys give the designer the widest choice among the four primary alloy groups, and they

Applying Mg Zn ZA Data - NADCA

Zinc Aluminum (ZA) Alloys. Improved elevated temperature properties over zinc; Increased creep resistance over zinc; Creep occurs in tension above 10,000 psi (69 MPa) at room temperature; The performance of ZA alloys at elevated temperatures and their creep resistance are

NADCA Product Specification Standards For Die

ADCI-M8 NADCA-M8 NADCA A-3-12 Characteristics of Mg Alloy Die Castings ADCI-M9 NADCA-M9 NADCA A-3-13 NADCA A-3-14 Composition Properties of Zn. ZA Alloy Die Castings ADCI-M10 NADCA-M10 NADCA A-3-15 Characteristics of Zn. ZA Alloy Die Castings ADCI-M11 NADCA-M11 (Discontinued) Certified Zinc Alloy Plan for Die Casting ADCI-C1-76 NADCA-C1

Technology - NADCA - North American Die Casting

More than 95% of the aluminum die castings produced in North America are made of post-consumer recycled aluminum. NADCA works with the EPA and other government and media agencies to maintain die casting\'s \"green\" reputation. NADCA\'s Energy Resources contain a wealth of information, including free videos, tutorials and

Research - NADCA - North American Die Casting

NADCA is a member of the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC) and the Cast Metals Coalition (CMC) which utilize DOD and DOE funds, respectively. In short, the NADCA RD Strategic Plan and Roadmap addresses the research efforts that are viewed as pertinent to the on-going viability of the North American die casting

Alloy Data S E C T I O N 3 - Aluminum And Zinc Die

6 Zinc and ZA Alloys 3-26 Selecting Zinc and ZA Alloys 3-26 Where a part design does not allow the production of a pressure-tight die casting through control of porosity by gate and overflow die design, the location of ejector pins, and the reconfiguration of hard- Aluminum NADCA —

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PARTICULARS: LOA - 33.6 Ft (10.24 Meters) Beam - 11.5 Ft (3.5 Meters) Draf - 18\" (45 Cm) Molded depth at Transom - 34″ (4 Cm) Deadrise - 18 deg. Crew - 5 Displacemen Light Ship (Trailer Weight/No Cargo) - 9500 Lbs / 4310 Kg Fully Loaded - 15,000 Lbs / 6800 Kg Cargo Capacity - 5000 Lbs / 2495 Kg Max Power - Outboard 400 HP Twin 150HP - 32 Knots Twin 250HP - 42 Knots (Est.) CE Category

How To Choose Suitable Aluminum Tread Plate_tai Aluminium

F.E. Goodwin, in Shreir\'s Corrosion, 2010. Behavior of the ZA alloys in aerated water from pH 2.0 to 13.0. As part of an International Lead Zinc Research Organization Programme, the corrosion behavior of the ZA casting alloys has been studied at the Noranda Research Center in Canada. 24 Air was bubbled continuously through distilled water flowing through the corrosion cells, its pH

Aluminum Die Casting Surface Finish Guidelines |

Apr 15, 2021  Aluminum, ZA-12, ZA-27: 63 or better: 100-125: Magnesium: 63 or better: 63 should be maintainable: Zinc, ZA-8: 32 or better: 63 should be maintainable: Notes:1. Part design, gate location, draft, flow lines, die surface treatments and other factors can impact surface roughness.2. Roughness values for Over the Life of a Die do not include heat

Aluminum Alloy A380 Properties | Aluminum Die Casting

Aug 07, 2021  Aluminum can also withstand the highest operating temperatures of all the die casts. Moreover, cast aluminum is versatile, corrosion resistant; it retains high dimensional stability with thin walls, and can be used in almost any industry. Read more about thin-wall aluminum die casting. Choosing the Right Die Casting

Die Casting Mold Design Guidelines, Aluminum, Magnesium,

Agree with a solution before the mold design. Then the general layout will be suitable for almost all die casting mold. Distance between the cavity edges and the insert edges. For normal cases, except for die casting molds with bigger sliders or “deep” parts, use the distance 60-80mm. The upper limit is used for “bigger” parts and the


3-4 NADCA Product Specification Standards for Die Castings / 2021 Alloy Data 2 Aluminum Alloys Selecting Aluminum Alloys Aluminum (Al) die casting alloys have a specific gravity of approximay 2.7 g/cc, placing them among the lightweight structural metals. The majority of die castings produced worldwide are made from aluminum

Porosity In Die Casting | How To Prevent

Sep 29, 2021  However, we always set a goal to limit porosity defects, or remove them when possible. That means analyzing defects for various causes. Die casting can see porosity due to the design, materials being used for that design or the manufacturing process — sometimes a combination of

About Die Casting And Alloys With Pace Industries | Pace

Aluminum and zinc alloys are the most widely used, and are followed by magnesium, zinc-aluminum (ZA) alloys, copper, tin and lead. Zinc, lead and tin based alloys are classified as low melting point metals, all melting at less than 725°F (385°C). Zinc-aluminum (ZA) alloys have a slightly higher melting range of 800°F to 900°F (426°C to 482

Die Casting Design | Wall Thickness |

Dec 23, 2021  Wall thickness, typically is 2mm for aluminum die casting. Customers are looking for lighter weight castings and a lot of times it depends on the thickness to length ratio. If you have a very long part, it is more difficult to have a very thin wall. Also during design, slight modifications to the part may allow the material to flow in an


ZA-8, with a nominal aluminum content of 8.4%, is the only ZA alloy that can be cast by the faster hot-chamber process. It has the highest strength of any hot-chamber zinc alloy, and the highest creep strength of any zinc alloy. ZA-12, with a nominal aluminum content of 11%, has properties that fall midway in the ZA

Alloy Data S E C T I O N 3 - Twin City Die Castings

NADCA Product Specification Standards for Die Castings / 2009. 3-1. Alloy Data. 3. This data can be used in combination with design engineering tolerancing guidelines for aluminum die casting can be compared with the guidelines for other alloys in this section

Best Aluminum For Die Casting | Aluminum Zinc

Feb 02, 2021  ZA-27. ZA-27 is the strongest of the three ZA alloys, but difficult to cast. It has the highest aluminum content of all the zinc-aluminum alloys we use for die casting, with an aluminum content of 27 percent and copper content of 2.2 percent. The result is a material with the highest melting point, highest strength, and lowest

Die Casting - Heartland

Heartland Castings meets with all NADCA Product Standards for Die Casting. We offer castings that are both Aluminum and Zinc. Zinc Die Casting. We have several alloys available including Zamak #3 or #5 and ZA-8. Our annual capacity is 2 million pounds