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Aluminum sheet drawing lubricant

Choosing A Lubricant For Deep Drawing - The

In deep drawing, a sheet metal blank is secured and then pressed into a shaped die to create a \"cup-shaped\" part. Drawing compounds used in deep drawing are known as boundary lubricants. The tooling and sheet metal surfaces are pressed so tightly together that the liquid is squeezed out and only a very thin adsorbed film

Drawing And Stamping Fluids | Metal Forming Lubricants

Metal Stamping Drawing. Our extensive line of MASTERDRAW® and DAPHNE®* drawing and stamping fluids and lubricants will suit any sheet-metal forming process, whether it be blanking, coining, embossing, flanging, or punching. Our water soluble oils are environmentally friendly and go far beyond the lubricity provided by standard drawing

Lubricants For

Gardolube VP 10300/2 is a synthetic, water soluble drawing lubricant for steel, galvanized and aluminum substrates. It contains highly refined natural lubricant components blended with specialized corrosion inhibitor system to provide increased die life, higher drawing speeds and better surface quality. Gardolube

Chemetall Metalworking Drawing And Stamping

Aluminum: Stamping, Punching, Blanking, Piercing, Forming, Deep Drawing: GARDOLUBE VP 10300/2 - Preformed emulsion drawing compound containing highly refined natural lubricant components blended with corrosion inhibitors. Light to Medium: None: 5% to 50%: 8.0 to 9.0: Ferrous, Aluminum and yellow metals: Stamping, Punching, Blanking, Piercing, Forming,

Drawing Oil, Drawing Lubricants, Wire Drawing Lubricants

It is Aluminium wire drawing lubricants formulated with non staining extreme pressure and synthetic lubricity additives. It provides an excellent lubricity, high cooling ability and easy separation of fines. Due to its lubricity effectiveness, amount of heat formation from friction decreases

Wire Drawing Lubricants Manufacturers Suppliers,

Copper Wire Drawing Lubrication Oil , Aluminum Wire Drawing Lubricant Oil , Steel Wire Drawing Lubricant Oil Engineering Plastic Sheet , Pipe , Rod (UHMW-PE , Nylon , POM Mgmt. Certification: ISO9001:2008 City/Province:

Deep Drawing Aluminum Dis- Aluminum/Al Foil,plate/sheet

Metal Forming - Manufacturing Process. Deep Drawing: Deep drawing is a metal forming process in which a flat piece of plate or sheet is forced into a die cavity to take a shape, such as a cup. Chat Now Send Inquiry; Evaluating lubricant performance for stamping - used to evaluate lubricant performance at the Center for Precision Forming

Lubricants For Wire Drawing - Blachford - Metalworking

Screws (e.g. wood, machine, sheet metal, set, socket and mating) Studs; Stainless Steel Wire. Blachford manufactures high performance wet and dry lubricants used in the production of a wide variety of stainless steel wire products. Chemdraw® lubricants are used by many stainless steel wire producers to make the following products: Springs

Wire Drawing Lubricants, Machines Copper Wire Drawing |

A water miscible fluid used for aluminum and copper rod. This lubricant is suitable for intermediate, and fine wire drawing operations to final diameters of approximay 0.02”. MASTERDRAW® 1470 with EELT™ A water miscible semi-synthetic fluid used for continuous wet drawing of intermediate and fine diameter bare and tin-plated copper

Aluminum Stamping Lubricants - Aluminum Metal -

IRMCO FLUIDS ® 080 series: recommended for most aluminum stamping processes. Capable of deep drawn aluminum canisters and tanks, aluminum body panels, appliance components and cupping work. IRMCO FLUIDS ® 090 series: recommended for medium to heavy duty drawing and stamping and punching. Applications would include containers and housings

Cold Drawing Lubricants Metalworking Fluids By ETNA

Request a product sample and/or safety data sheet (SDS) with the form at the bottom of this page. MASTERDRAW® 5129. An amber colored neat oil and cold drawing lubricant used to draw aluminum bar and special shapes in the cold drawing process. MASTERDRAW®

Micro-emulsion Drawing Fluids For Steel And Aluminum

A drawing and stamping extreme pressure lubricant for steel and aluminum which comprises a water-in-oil micro-emulsion which consists essentially of about 2 to 30 percent of a 500 to 3,000 s.u.s. hydrocarbon oil and suitable emulsifiers and stabilizers used as the base for the emulsion including tall oil fatty acids, triethanolamine soaps, petroleum sulfonates, and non-ionic

Effect Of Lubrication Conditions On The Forming Limit Of

The effects of lubricants on the deep drawing of sheet metal forming and the wall thickness of cups after deep drawing were explored. The results show that under the condition of drawing speed of 3MPa and 200mm/min, the ultimate drawing ratio of the sheet under oil lubrication is

Metalworking Products -

PRO-FORM 811: Medium-duty \"Evaporative Lubricant\" for tough forming of aluminum. Ideal finn manufacturing lubricant. Meets R-134A compatibility. Technical Data Sheet | MSDS * All PRO-CHEM-CO Vanishing Lubricants are Ashless, Reject Moisture, are Non-staining, Oil

Houghton International, Inc. Metalworking Lubricants

Aluminum Wire Drawing Metal Forming Fluid -- Cindol™ 4687-R: Cindol™ 4687-R is a specialized lubricant for drawing and forming difficult aluminum alloys such as 5056, 5052, 6201, etc. Cindol 4687-R contains ND additive which dramatically lowers the coefficient

Special Lubricants For The Sheet Forming

special lubricants and metal working fluids. Close cooperation with research institutes, industry partners and product users as well as the knowledge, skills and major commitment by our staff are guarantees of new and innovative high . performance lubricants, which contribute to the success of our customers at home and

Lubrication Advice For Forming Aluminum | MetalForming

Jun 01, 2021  Aluminum heatshields not only protect against heat, they also reduce vehicle noise emissions. In this photo from Autoneum, we see a perfect application where selecting the right lubricant for stamping the aluminum will help ensure maximum performance in the press, as well as compatibility with the aluminum alloy at hand, and ease post-processing work such as

Effect Of Different Lubricants On Deep Drawing Of

Index Terms— Effect, Different lubricants, Deep drawing, Maximum force, Consumed work, Deep drawing, Galvanized steel. —————————— —————————— 1 I. NTRODUCTION . EEP drawing is one of the most widely used manufactur-ing process in metal working processes in general and in sheet metal forming in

USA - Aluminum Sheet Coated With A Lubricant

Metal sheet product, more particularly food or beverage can tab and end stock, is treated with a lubricant blend consisting essentially of about 25-90 wt % bis(2-ethylhexyl)sebacate or DOS; about 10-75 wt % petrolatum and a balance of incidental additives and impurities prior to coiling for transport and storage. With said composition applied hereon, in preferred average thicknesses between

Can 7075 Aluminum Plate Stretch?

Copper Wire Drawing Lubricant -- Houghto-Draw® WD 4812: Houghto-Draw® WD 4812 drawing lubricant is a water-soluble copper and aluminum wire drawing compound. Additives in Houghto-Draw WD 4812 reduce capstan wear and improve drawing performance while extending solution

Synthetic Drawing And Stamping Lubricants - International

The 1599 Series of Synthetic Lubricants. The 1599 Series of Synthetic Lubricants. International Chemical Company is extremely proud to manufacture a complete line of synthetic, water-soluble, heavy-duty metalworking lubricants for use in industrial applications. Simply put, synthetic metalworking fluids are a powerful combination of surfactants, boundary lubricants and proprietary

New IRMCO Automotive Dry Film Lubricant Allows Aluminum

Sep 09, 2003  The test consisted of drawing 0.031\" aluminum sheet material until fracture. The results ranged from 0.47\" to 0.73\" in depth, with HSP achieving 40-55% greater depth capability. Field Tests Show

What Are The Significance Of Aluminium And Copper Wire

Apr 23, 2021  The fundamental reason for using aluminium and copper and copper wire drawing lubricants is to reduce friction and oppose the pick-up and even breakage that otherwise occurs with most metals. The significance of aluminium and copper wire drawing lubricants are many: Increase the productivity of the wire drawing machine. Increase the